Hair color can make a world of difference in how you look. At Koala Hair Company, Anchorage Alaska we offer hair coloring services from traditional blonde highlights and the best shades of red hair to the latest babylights, ombre hair color, sombre, balayage and more!

Ombre Hair Color and Balayage

Foils are not the only means of applying color and lightener.  There are other highlighting techniques like balayage, ombre hair color and sombre which use a brush or other application tool to apply color. The overall effect is an effortless, casual look.

All Over Color, Grey Coverage and Root Touch Ups

A complete change of color can produce dramatic and stunning results, or it may be used just to cover grey hair, or to enliven you own natural shade with better hair color depth and shine.

All over color – is a permanent or semi-permanent hair color that is applied starting at the roots to ensure even and extensive coverage to achieve a perfect result. Our extensive hair color chart offers a massive choice of shades (depth of color) and tones (balance of tint colors).  Touch up any new growth in between hair coloring services with a root touch up.  Not only does it cover new roots, but it also adds renewed color depth and shine so that your hair looks in great condition.

Hair Color from Platinum to Plum

Color Correction or Hair Color Problems

If you’re in need of a hair color correction, our staff is trained in the art of corrective color techniques.

Platinum and Blonde Hair

Brunette Hair

Red Hair

Grey Hair