Koala Hair Company is a gem in Alaska!

Graeme is a true artist, talented and passionate about his profession. The studio is very clean and well designed in a boutique style, conveniently located right in a downtown Anchorage. Prices are VERY reasonable for the quality you receive.

A big plus: if you have a taste for a classical music, this place will make you beyond happy. Your beauty journey will be accompanied by world’s famous classical compositions.

It was my first time at Koala Hair Co. and I had no idea what exactly I want, but I knew, I needed a change. I have to say that Graeme has a very personalized approach and has a talent for reading your personality. I like the purple color, but I wasn’t ready to dye my hair in this color completely. Graeme has added playful splashes of purple to my hair, keeping my natural color. My new hair turned out to be a bit chaotic, mischievous, but elegant at the same time. I feel so comfortable with this new style!

Thank you so much, Graeme for your creativity and uniqueness! It was a very special experience. I am so glad to discover your studio and can’t wait to come back!